Shah Rukh revealed his salary from 50 to Billions


Shah Rukh Khan is King Khan of Bollywood, his films earn
more than Rs 100 crore and he is the second richest actor
in the world. So it is very surprising to know that the
actor’s first salary was Rs 50.
On the grand finale episode of “India Poochega Sabse
Shaana Kaun?”, the Bollywood ‘Badshah’ will be talking
about his first job as a ticket seller at theatres, and he
shared that he used to earn Rs 50 for that job, said a
Shah Rukh will speak about his dream to visit the Taj
Mahal in Agra and how he fulfilled it.
The finale episode of the &TV show, which will be aired on
Friday, will feature B-town celebrities including Alia Bhatt,
Karan Johar and Anushka Sharma.
A game show adapted from the “Who’s Asking?”
international format, “India Poochega Sabse Shaana
Kaun?” featured common people with uncommon queries.


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