Will Yo Yo Honey Singh never work with Shah Rukh Khan again?


Yo Yo Honey Singh set the rumour mills abuzz after he went
missing from work and public appearances three months
While some reports stated that he was on the run because
the Nagpur police had booked him in a case of indecency,
speculation was also rife that he had gone into depression
after his Chennai Express collaborator Shah Rukh Khan
slapped him in public.
And it looks like the news about SRK slapping Honey is
certainly not all rumour and has some truth to it. Well,
atleast that’s what Singh’s frequent collaborator, his lyricist,
who goes by the name of Yo suggests.
“Neither of them may own up to it but I don’t think Honey
Singh will ever work with SRK again,” Yo was quoted by a
Reportedly, a tiff took place between SRK and Honey during
the former’s SLAM tour where the latter was set to perform.
And it is during this tour, SRK reportedly slapped the Aata
Maaji Satakli singer, after which Honey went into depression.
Word also has it that Honey was battling drug abuse
problems and went to a rehab to clean up his act in time.
And a recent report suggested that the rapper will be back
to public life soon. However, Singh’s lyricist says otherwise.
“He has still not made any contact with the team of artists
he usually works with and has even changed his cell phone
numbers. He told his team that he is taking a break to go
home and spend time with family. But instead he checked
himself into a rehab centre in Chandigarh in October,” Yo
was quoted by a tabloid.
However, the Lungi Dance singer’s spokesperson said,
“Honey Singh was unwell and recovering at home in Delhi.
He will be back soon.“

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