Half Girlfriend was not the favourite book of the crowd of 2014

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India’s favourite book in 2014 involved a girlfriend,
but not one that Chetan Bhagat had anything to do
Instead, prolific crime fiction writer Surendra
Mohan Pathak’s Hindi novel Colaba Conspiracy—
revolving around an expert lock picker and his ex-
girlfriend—beat Bhagat’s Half Girlfriend to emerge
as the highest voted book in an online year-end
reader’s poll conducted by Amazon India.
Amazon India’s 2014 Reading Trends poll took place
over 10 days from Dec. 26 to Jan. 5, where more
than 25,000 respondents voted for their favourite
books in six different genres—Indian writing,
biographies, literature and fiction, children’s and
young adult, business and economics and politics
and history.
Indian authors Sudeep Nagarkar’s Sorry, You’re Not
My Type and Durjoy Dutta’s When Only Love
Remains got the second and the third highest
numbers of votes, respectively. Bhagat’s latest
novel, amid controversies and legal notices for
plagiarism , was fourth on the reader’s poll.
Among biographies, And Then One Day: A Memoir
by Naseerudin Shah was more popular than Sachin
Tendulkar’s Playing It My Way. Among business
books, Nikhil Inamdar’s Rokda: How Baniyas Do
Business lead the way, while the most voted book in
the politics category was The Accidental Prime
Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan
Singh by policy analyst Sanjaya Baru.
Apart from the reader’s poll, Amazon also ranked
cities that read the most in 2014 based on all the
orders received on its online bookstore in the year.
The reading trends report found Delhi as the most
well-read city, followed by Bangalore, Mumbai,
Hyderabad and Pune.

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