Top heroines want SRK, Salman and Hrithik: Sunny Deol


In his latest outing, Singh Saab The
Great, veteran actor Sunny Deol
has shared screen-space with a
newcomer Urvashi Rautela, who is
38 years younger than him.
When asked why he always opts for
heroines less than half his age,
Sunny said “We are acting, we are
not really husband and wife. If
she’s much younger, that’s fine.
Many wives are much younger than
their husbands. And by the way, I
am sure Urvashi Rautela is not 19
Singh Saab The Great
Known for his blunt remarks, the
57-year-old actor says that the top
heroines in the industry are no
longer keen on working with him.
“I’ve had problems with established
heroines. They don’t want to work
with me. The top heroines turn me
down whenever I ask them to work
with me. They want to work with
Shahrukh Khan , Salman Khan and
Hrithik Roshan.”
Sunny was also quick to add that
signing new heroines has its own
“I search for new heroines, like
Urvashi Rautela because these girls
do not ration dates. While working
on a film, I don’t have to deal with
my heroine’s tantrums when she’s
a newcomer. Also, I get a chance
to give new talent to the film
industry. So yes, I’ll be seen with
new co-stars in the future. And
trust me, these new girls won’t
look mismatched with me. I am
open to adapting myself to the
changes around”


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