Bengaluru: ATM victim paralysed, police confident of nabbing attacker


The police are yet arrest the man
who brutally attacked a lady on
Tuesday at an unguarded ATM kiosk
in Bengaluru. The assault was
captured on CCTV camera.
The lady, a 44-year-old bank
employee, was struck repeatedly on
her head and face when she was
withdrawing money from the ATM.
The police said the hunt for the
assailant is on and they are
confident of arresting him soon.
Karnataka Home Minister K J
George termed the incident as
unfortunate. “Despite telling bank
authorities to ensure proper
security at ATMs it has not been
done. I have called for a meeting
of high-level officials to review the
case and we shall ensure that such
incidents do not take place again,”
George said.
Doctors treating the victim said she
was recovering well. Dr Venkatram
said the victim was brought in with
a head injury and wounds on her
face. “Her skull is broken which
has resulted in paralysis on the
right side. She has undergone
surgery. She is conscious now and
is even speaking,” the doctor said.
“It would take a couple of months
for her to recover completely.
During this period she needs to be
kept in a safe environment and also
needs to undergo physiotherapy,”
Dr Venkatram said.
Bangalore Police Commissioner
Raghavendra Auradhkar told
reporters that the attack seems to
have been carried out by a history-
sheeter. “We have alerted the
entire state police to hunt this man
down and are confident that he will
be in our custody soon. The victim
is recovering,” the police
commissioner said.


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