Hrithik Roshan on Salman Khan and ‘Being Human’

It all began when Salman Khan
allegedly said that “even dogs
didn’t go to watch” Sanjay Leela
Bhansali’s Guzaarish.
The film’s lead star Hrithik Roshan
slammed Salman for his comments
saying “It’s not heroic to laugh or
make fun of a filmmaker just
because his box office collections
are not up there with yours.
‘Guzaarish’ is a super success in its
own way. In my opinion a hero
never gloats.”


Since then, there have been
murmurs in the industry that
Hrithik and Salman aren’t on
talking terms. Last week, further
fuel was added to the controversy
when Hrithik didn’t make an
appearance on Salman’s television
reality show ‘Bigg Boss’.
Talking about his equation with the
Dabangg star to a local daily,
Hrithik said “Yes, I am (going to
Bigg Boss). I don’t know why this
has become an issue. There are a
lot of other shows that I could not
make it to, but it’s on the cards. I
might be on the show very very
soon. I think for the second or
third week of the film. It will be a
pleasure and we will have a ball”
Asked if everything is fine between
him and Salman, the Krrish 3 star
said “About four months ago, I
stepped into one of his stores
(Being Human) and purchased a lot
of clothes for myself. Salman and I
have spoken about that and he is
happy to know that I am probably
the only other actor who has
visited the store and bought
clothes for himself. I admire him
and believe in his symbol of being
human. He has really added and
contributed to my life in many


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