When Anjali Tendulkar’s wish came true


Anjali Tendulkar said that Sachin
was in fact bowling to son Arjun at
home before he left for Kolkata.
(TOI Photo)
KOLKATA: 15 minutes to tea. The
match was turning a tad boring.
After a flurry of wickets soon after
lunch the West Indies was putting
together a decent partnership. The
fairly large crowd at the Eden
Gardens was getting restive.
Anjali Tendulkar, a very special
guest of the Cricket Association of
Bengal sitting in the Lower tier of
the CAB Club house, suddenly said,
“Can it happen that they give him
one over to bowl before tea? It will
be lovely if they do. The crowd will
come alive.” She went on to say
that Sachin was in fact bowling to
son Arjun at home before he left
for Kolkata.
In what is “The Sachin series” how
can his wife’s words not ring true?
One over before tea and Mahendra
Singh Dhoni threw the ball to
Sachin. Anjali, excited and thrilled,
pushed her wish list a tad further.
“It will be really terrific if he can
break this partnership.” Sachin,
who was unaware that his better
half was in Kolkata to watch him
play, did not disappoint. The fourth
ball of the over landed on the spot,
did not turn much, held its line
and hit the batsman plumb in front
of the middle stump. Sachin,
jubilant and thrilled, appealed
knowing well that he had his man.
In the gallery, Anjali was up in joy.
High fives with all the spectators
around followed and many told her
that she was the lucky charm who
had caused the West Indian
As debutant Mohammed Shami
picked the last West Indian wicket,
Anjali’s face had suddenly turned
pensive. Jagmohan Dalmiya, sitting
with her in the President’s box,
asked her in jest, “So do you fancy
Sachin coming out to bat today
itself?” The answer startled
everyone present. “Not at all! I
sincerely hope he doesn’t have to
come out today. In fact, I am flying
back to Mumbai tonight. There’s no
way I can sit and watch him bat.
There’s just too much pressure.”
True to her words she did leave by
9W 628 for Mumbai, not waiting
for her husband to come out on
Wednesday to enthrall 70,000 fans
at the Eden Gardens.
If Anjali was nervous about
Sachin’s batting, son Arjun was
excited. He had a field day sitting
with his four coaches and analyzing
the game threadbare. The best
mother son interaction happened at
the innings break. Anjali, playing
the role of mother, was keen to
find out if Arjun had eaten lunch.
Arjun, on the other hand, was
intent on watching the match from
the stands soaking in every bit of
the fantastic Eden Gardens
atmosphere. As mother mentioned
to son that there was still some
time left for the Indian innings to
start, pat came the reply, “Mom, I
know it. I play this game.” The
whole CAB box broke out in
laughter summing up the mood of
the day, which ended on a note of
expectation and excitement.


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