SRK’ talks about his favourite superheros

SRK tells Sarita Tanwar who the
superheroes he looks up to, are.
And why kids should follow them,
He’s playing a superhero in his
next film. But those who have
known Shah Rukh Khan for years
now, already think he is a
superhero! Anyway, the superstar
reveals who his inspirations are
and what kind of traits children
should take away from these super

SRK on a talk show

Batman is the coolest. And what a
costume! He has all the coolest
gadgets on his belt and has a cave
under his mansion. He even has a
Batmobile and a Batbike. He has an
ever-trustworthy friend, confidant
and butler in Alfred Pennyworth.
He doesn’t have superpowers but is
a highly trained fighter and a
supremely talented detective.
Listen up, kids: Batman’s alter-ego
Bruce Wayne lost his parents in a
random murder and this created
the Batman. His ultimate weapon is
driving fear into the minds of
criminals. Even so, it isn’t revenge
that fuels his mission, it’s bringing
crooks to justice that does.
Superman was the first globally
loved and imitated superhero. The
classical idea is of a messiah, who
comes from another planet as an
orphan but protects his adopted
planet as he grows older. The
concept is very American but you
see it in Sholay too. Jai and Veeru
solve Ramgarh’s problems even
though they are outsiders.
Superman lives in Metropolis under
the alias Clark Kent and is married
to award-winning journalist Lois
Lane. His only weakness is
Listen up, kids: The ultimate boy
scout, he wants to help everyone
out and if the world needs saving,
he is always at hand. Reliability is
his key trait.
The best thing about Spiderman is
that he sports a mask. The actor
playing his alter ego, Peter Parker
can breathe easy because someone
else can do the stunts wearing the
mask. He is a weird superhero. I
find his love story very boring. In
comics, half the time he is simply
talking to himself. Like a confused
teenager discovering his spider-like
powers, he debates with himself
about how much of his personal
life he should make public. I like
his web-slinging. I also like the
story of his origin. How a socially
awkward kid became a reluctant
superhero and embraced his
Listen up, kids: This guy can crack
a joke at the most trying of times.
And you can’t go wrong with a guy
who lives by the dictum: With great
power comes great responsibility.
Wonder Woman
My favourite female superhero. I’m
not a fan of Catwoman and that’s
probably because I don’t like cats.
Wonder Woman is a goddess (quite
literally) come down to earth. She
uses her tiara and arm bands
during combat, she can fly and
even has a lasso that can make
people tell the truth if they touch
it. Under all that, though, she’s
quite human. She has dreams,
pains and aspirations like any other
girl. I like her costumes, which
undergo changes quite often. Quite
unlike an almost superhuman-like
Lara Croft, played by Angelina
Listen up, kids: Though she was
born into a warrior clan as a
goddess, Wonder Woman fights for
peace and justice and to protect
her adopted home, Earth, with
perfect humility.
His skeleton is laced with a metal
called adamantium. His powers
include invulnerability (he cannot
be harmed), super-strength and
claws that come out and retract at
will. He comes across as a tortured
soul but is a natural born leader.
His powers are the result of an
experiment by an evil scientist.
Listen up, kids: While Wolverine is
not the most follow-worthy of
heroes, he’s the perfect example of
a loyal friend and a strong leader.
I wonder if he can be called a
superhero. His powers exist in a
world called the Matrix where
programmes and supercomputers
are masters of the game He exists
in a world constructed by
computers and programmes. I like
his fight moves. And he can fly! I
didn’t like the glare and grind of
the machines but loved the way he
fights with his arch nemesis, Mr
Smith. I think he is the closest one
can come to the superhero of
Listen up, kids: Neo gives hope to
a human race that has lost all faith
in ever achieving freedom. Very
few superheroes have that heavy a
burden to carry. But he carries it


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