Miley dresses half exposed at Halloween


In a July interview, Miley Cyrus said
she adores Lil Kim and thinks she
was this artist in another life.
But while we may never know if
that’s accurate, we do now know
the following: Miley Cyrus is being
Lil Kim for Halloween!
The singer shared her VERY racy
outfit on Twitter last night – and
it’s a replicate of the infamous
attire Lil Kim wore for the 1999
MTV Video Music Awards, nipple
pasty and everything!
Tweeted Kim in response to the
“Awwww. Look at my baby @
mileycyrus tonight!!! Looking
GORGEOUS!!! I wish I was there to
squeeze your boob 🙂 🙂 Love U so
much !!!! #mytwin.”
Cyrus is all about being as X-rated
as possible for this holiday.
She introduced the world to her
” XXXXXXplicit Pornkinzzz”
yesterday, three jack-o-lanterns
that were nods to sex and drugs.
Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim
Miley herself, of course, will be the
subject of far too many Halloween
costumes this year. We’re already
sick of all the Twerking and form
finger-related outfits that have
popped up online.
Click through this album of
celebrity Halloween costumes now
and let us know your favorite.


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