Krrish3 made Javed Akhter stunned


The lyricist was mighty
impressed after watching Hrithik
Roshan’s latest offering
Acclaimed writer-lyricist Javed
Akhtar is stunned after seeing
Krrish 3 and is amazed to see the
level of techniques and special
effects in the film. “It will take me
a day or two to contain my
amazement. I am stunned to see
that our country can also make
films with such finesse and
superior technique,” said the 68-
year-old said here Thursday at a
special screening of the film. “The
techniques and special effects in
the film are not less than any
international film,” he added.
Javed applauded director Rakesh
Roshan calling Krrish 3 a director’s
film. “It is a time of good movies
and it is a good film. I congratulate
Rakesh Roshan, it is truly a
director’s film. The way he
conceived it and made it, is
wonderful,” Javed said.
Krrish 3 is the third film in the
franchise that began with Koi… Mil
Gaya in 2003. It features Hrithik
Roshan in the role of a superhero
while Vivek Oberoi plays Kaal, the
It also stars Kangana Ranaut and
Priyanka Chopra and hit theaters
on Friday.


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