I would like to see Modi as PM says Lata Mangeskar


Gujarat Chief Minister and
Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime
ministerial candidate Narendra
Modi on Friday found an ardent
supporter in melody queen Lata
Mangeshkar who said she would
like to see him taking the top job.
After Modi inaugurated a new
hospital complex named after her
late father Deenanath Mangeshkar
at a function in Pune, Lata, in a
brief address, said, “Narendrabhai
is like my brother. All of us want to
see him become the prime
minister. On the auspicious
occasion of Diwali, I hope our
wishes would come true.”
Modi, on his part, lauded the
Mangeshkar family saying they had,
“With their divine voices, delighted
crores of people making them
stress-free with music and making
their minds and bodies healthy.”
Modi also said on this occasion
that the country needed a
comprehensive health policy to
make health care affordable. “We
do not need just health insurance
but also health assurance,” he said,
adding the common man should
find health care affordable.
Hailing the phase two super-
specialty project of Deenanath
Mangeshkar Hospital, Modi
underlined the importance of
preventive health care and
development of skilled manpower
in the health sector.
“With our talented doctors and
technology, we can gain reputation
in an era of health tourism,” the
Gujarat chief minister said.
Recalling the instance of a Pakistani
girl who was perated on in a
Bangalore hospital some time back,
he said his act built a bridge of
compassion touching hearts of all
“With our talent and skilled
manpower, India can carve a niche
for herself in the world in the
global health sector,” he said.
Earlier, Lata also said she was very
happy with her association with
Modi to whom she had sent a
collection of her Gujarati songs.
“I hope he likes those songs. When
it came to making a choice as to
whom we should invite to
inaugurate this super-specialty
project of our hospital, his was the
first name that came to my mind,”
she added.
Lata also recalled that the first
phase of the hospital was
inaugurated by Atal Bihari Vajpayee
when he was the prime minister.
Her equally famous singer-sister,
Asha Bhosale, sang a Gujarati song
on the occasion.
The city wore the look of a fortress
the whole day as unprecedented
security was deployed for Modi in
view of serial blasts in Patna earlier
this week.


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