Chris Brown Admits: I Have MAJOR Anger Issues!

He may be motivated as much by
staying out of prison as he is by
actually getting better, but Chris
Brown at least admits he has major
issues with anger.
The star and his attorney, Mark
Geragos, went to the L.A. County
Dept. of Probation Friday
afternoon and had an hour-long
talk with his new probation officer.
Chris Brown Rehab Trip: Will it
Keep Him Out of Jail?
During that conversation, Chris
Did not talk about being
arrested for assault in D.C. last
Did talk a lot about his current
stint inside a Malibu rehab
There, Brown’s treatment includes
a heavy dose of psychological
counseling, and sources say he
could stay in the facility for as long
as three months.
So far the probation department is
not impressed
. Some sources have even said
they’re gunning for Chris. But he’s
doing all the right things here.
The rehab trip, combined with new
reports suggesting that Chris may
have never hit the victim in D.C.,
could be enough to keep Brown a
free man.
Probation officials will submit a
report to the judge in the Rihanna
assault case next week, and will
likely ask for a judge to revoke
Brown’s probation.
A judge doesn’t need a conviction
in order to do that if he feels Chris
is blatantly disregarding the law.
He could also wait and see how it
plays out, though.


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