The white lady

just have one ghost acquaintance in
my life. It was when I was studying
in collage back in India. Those days
I use to stay in hostel. I was 20,
and my exams where going on.
Both me and my friend saw it. It
was around 1 AM, we were in the
study hall preparing for the exam
next day. There were a few more
girls in the study hall.
After feeling tired of reading, and
because it was so late at night I
was feeling sleepy, so just for a
change and to refresh, I looked out
of the window. There in distance I
saw a lady in white Saari
(Traditional dress of Indian ladies),
she was some 5′ tall, had long
black hair (it was knee length long),
was combing it with her fingers.
The best part is, this lady was not
standing on the ground but she
was at top of a house, I could see
her so clearly because there was
light from the street lamp above
I blinked my eyes, but still it was
there. I did it again and again, but
no change I could still see her. I
showed it to my friend, she too
could see her. We called the other
girls, but by the time they came it
was gone. I should say it faded
The next day after our exams, we
(me and my friend) walked to the
direction where we saw this lady
the previous night. There was
nothing, not even that house. The
lamp post was there, but the bulb
was broken and was covered with
spider web.
I had totally forgotten about this
incident, but now after reading the
other stories, I remembered it. I
still don’t know what I saw that
night. Was it my mind playing trick
after I got exhausted studying, but
how is it possible that my friend
too saw it… Guess it was a ghost

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