The bollywood superheroes all together


As Hrithik Roshan gets set to
soar in his magic suit and wield
his super-powers as India’s most
successful superhero, Krrish, we
take a look at the ‘unique’
talents some B-town dudes have
that make them superheroes in
their own right…
Superheroes are not born, they are
created – at least in Bollywood
movies. So here’s Hrithik Roshan
at his heroic best in the third
instalment of his father’s sci-fi
movie series. But let’s be honest –
Krrish is not the only superhero we
have in B-town. He might fly
through the sky with supersonic
speed, run faster than a Mumbai
local train and punch hundreds or
even thousands of goons
simultaneously, but that doesn’t
make him the only super-power in
filmbiz. From Amitabh Bachchan
to Shahid Kapoor and from Emraan
Hashmi to Imran Khan, we have a
list of superstars who are
absolutely unbeatable with the
powers they have acquired over the
years. We are amazed at the ease
with which they use their unique


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