Abram made a splashing entry ias the little prince of SRK


Shahrukh Khan has been extremely
guarded about his new family
member – AbRam Khan and rightly
so. However fans and media have
been wanting to get a look of what
King Khan’s little one looks like,
and their wish has finally come
true. View pics! On Bakri Eid when
Shahrukh Khan stepped out to
greet the fans that gathered outside
Mannat in Bandra, little did people
know that they will get a glimpse of
baby AbRam! But is that really
SRK’s little bundle of joy in the
nanny hand? AbRam did manage to
keep everyone excited right from
his arrival, his name too came with
a splash. Shahrukh Khan was upset
when allegations of sex
determination were made against
him and Gauri. The Chennai
Express star however steered clear
of all these controversies but had
promised to keep his baby away
from the public. He had in an
interview told, “AbRam does not
even know that he has been a topic
of conversation without any reason
— right or wrong.”
Shahrukh even managed to take
time off from his busy Happy New
Year shoot in Dubai and come
home to spend some time with his
little angel . The actor had
promised that he will protect his
child’s privacy fiercely, ” If you
asking me when am I planning to
present him to the world…so the
answer is ‘Never’. Let him grow old
and when he steps out of the house
and somebody photographs him,
that is okay. I feel a little odd
having to put my children in a
position which makes them a little
more special than they really are.
They are normal kids and I want
normalcy around them. It will be
nice if they are left alone.”
Well, we wonder if the Cool Khan
will take these pictures and smile
just the way he always does even
after facing the storm of
controversy or will he be miffed
with the media for clicking his
aankho ka taara?


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