WWE Money In the bank Predictions

With the Money in the Bank PPV right around the corner, we take a look at the possible outcomes of all the announced bouts – from the WWEchampionship match to the Money in the Bank ladder matches.

It is also now being speculated that Kane will be replaced by Bray Wyatt at the Money in the Bank PPV after the assault Kane suffered at the hands of the Wyatt Family. Although that is a possibility, it’s a long shot since WWE wouldn’t want to make Wyatt lose a match so early after his debut. Anyway, without further ado, let us take a look at our predictions for this Sunday.

John Cena (c) vs Mark Henry for the WWE championship


John Cena defends his WWE title against Mark Henry. In the weeks leading up to the match, Henry turned on the fans and his own friends and family when he used them as bait to lure Cena in and attacked him. Henry made his intentions clear of being the new WWE champion; and come Sunday, he will get his chance when he takes on the WWE champion.

This past week, Henry laid Cena out once again, thus going into the PPV with the psychological advantage. WWE follows the “Get beaten on TV, win on PPV” rule, and the same will apply this Sunday at the Money in the Bank PPV. I liked Henry’s role till now, but there is no realistic chance of him beating Cena for the title.

Cena will then go on to feud with Daniel Bryan, as there are plans in the works for a Cena–Bryan feud through the summer.

Winner and still the WWE champion: John Cena

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight championship

At Payback, Del Rio took advantage of a hurt Ziggler to win the World Heavyweight title back, and has since turned on the fans to remain the champion. Come Sunday, he will put his title on the line against Dolph Ziggler, who will look to give Del Rio a taste of his own medicine.

However, I don’t think Ziggler will win the title just yet. WWE has been planning to have a Mexican superstar after Rey Mysterio, and Del Rio is the only one who fits the bill. So he might have a long run as the World Heavyweight champion with Ziggler on a title hunt. This Sunday, I predict Del Rio to retain the title, either by pin/submission or by losing the match via DQ.

Winner and still the World Heavyweight champion: Alberto Del Rio

AJ Lee (c) vs Kaitlyn for the WWE Divas championship

AJ and Kaitlyn have been involved in an interesting feud which has put the Divas division back on the map, which is a good thing. AJ won the title for the first time in her career, thus fulfilling a 14-year-old dream of becoming the champion in the WWE. Come Sunday, the personal rivalry will pit the two former best friends against each other, and I expect AJ to retain the title.

Winner and still the Divas champion: AJ Lee

The Shield (c) vs The Usos for the WWE Tag team championships

The Shield hasn’t had a great couple of months; and this Sunday, they will defend the titles against The Usos, who defeated The Shield in a six-man tag match. With The Usos going back to their roots, they have found the perfect formula to be the number 1 contenders, but I predict a victory for the champions to retain the titles. They aren’t going to lose the belts, not just yet.

Winner (s) and still the WWE tag team champions: The Shield

Ryback vs Chris Jericho

Ryback will take on Chris Jericho, and Jericho will put Ryback over before taking a vacation to tour with his band Fozzy. Ryback hasn’t had a pinfall victory on PPVs for nearly a year, which doesn’t speak well about the faith WWE management has in him.

All of that can change this Sunday, as rumours are floating around that Vickie Guerrero will now manage Ryback, and he desperately needs a mouth piece. Chris Jericho defeated the Intercontinental champion Curtis Axel this past week on RAW, but that’s where his good run ends.

Winner: Ryback

Curtis Axel (c) vs The Miz for the WWE Intercontinental championship

The champion will defend the Intercontinental title against The Miz at the PPV. This past week, The Miz distracted Axel, and Jericho took advantage of it by pinning the IC champion. Axel suffered his first loss since being repackaged, and even though that doesn’t make much sense, it guarantees a victory for Axel come Sunday.

Winner and still the Intercontinental champion: Curtis Axel

RAW MitB ladder match – Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk vs Christian vs Kane vs Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam vs Sheamus

WWE Money In The Bank 2013 - Kane vs Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam vs CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Christian vs Sheamus - Xtremewrestlingworld.blogspot.Com

The “All Star” Money in the Bank ladder match is arguably the most anticipated bout on the card, as it not only features the top names such as Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, but will also see the return of Rob Van Dam.

With Bryan having all the momentum behind him, he is the odds-on favourite to win the ladder match. Expect an interference by either Paul Heyman or Brock Lesnar himself to cost CM Punk the chance to win the match and get a guaranteed shot at the WWE title. I expect this bout to deliver the goods, and make this PPV memorable.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Smackdown MitB ladder match – Dean Ambrose vs Damien Sandow vs Fandango vs Cody Rhodes vs Antonio Cesaro vs Jack Swagger vs Wade Barrett

The Smackdown! Money in the Bank ladder match might not boast the biggest names in the WWE, but has all the youngsters – something that can work in its favour.

This match has all the tools to be the match of the night and steal the spotlight, and I expect Cody Rhodes and Cesaro to step up their game come Sunday. I pick Dean Ambrose to win this match, as he’s the most over heel in the WWE and deserves a shot at the gold soon.

Winner: Dean Ambrose.

Those are our predictions. Let us know what you think, and who you pick to win at the Money in the Bank PPV.



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  1. I am with WWE Champion John Cena

  2. I go with Alberto, CM Punk and Cena

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