CM Punk reveals the New designed 2012 WWE Championship belt

Fans who despise the current toy-like WWE title can rest easy—a new belt is on the way.

At a Q&A session at Philadelphia’s Wizard World comic convention, CM Punk spoke about the existence and coming arrival of a replacement for the gaudy, glittery current championship.

When asked by a young fan if he was “going to get rid of John Cena’s stupid spinner belt,” Punk smiled. He replied, “I email people that you people don’t know exist and I bother them constantly about this damn thing. There is a new title. I’ve seen it.”

While he initially said, “I don’t think it’s any better than the current one,” he later backtracked. Pointing to the current belt, he said, “You know what, it’s better than this thing.”

This is welcome news for a good chunk of WWE fans.

Since John Cena introduced the spinner belt, many fans have longed for the return of the winged eagle title belt.

The current belt is hard to take seriously.

While the world heavyweight champion gets to carry around a classically designed big gold belt, the WWE champ is stuck with something an eight-year-old might come with up.

From Punk’s statements, it sounds like the WWE is not heading back to the classic design, but is going forward with something new. His revelation is certain to create a buzz and stir up new questions.

When will this new version of the title be revealed?  What will it look like?

Every episode of Raw just got a lot more interesting. At any point that we hear Punk’s music, we could see him strut down the aisle showing off a new belt.

Or will Punk lose the title to Daniel Bryan at No Way Out?

Indeed, it may be the master of the Yes Lock that gets to introduce the new title to the world.

Whatever the new design looks like and whoever wears it first, WWE fans will welcome the change.



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