The new Indian Aircel trick

This is an original trick which is working and tested by me. I assure you that please check it once. It will give 100 MB 3G speed data everyday for a month + UNLIMITED 32 kbps 2G data.


Trick Steps:-


1. First Recharge a pack of Rs 16 3 days 3G. Use  and finish the data within 2 days and again re-charge Rs 16 it it.

2. On the second day, Recharge Rs 67 which give 600 MB for 21 days.

3. You will not be able to use 3G when you do so for 3 days and after that Rs 16 earlier pack will be deactivated and 67 will work out.

4. START 3G to 121 (Doungle)

5. Go to Network options and select HSPA/UMTS

6. It will show 3G sigh. Connect it. You will get 250 MB first day and when it will finish up, you will realise that the speed became low.

7. Disconnect the line and switch to AUTO. at first it will 2G signals and then 3G. Connect it. Your internet will be slow.

8. And nowww….

9. Wait for the next day.

10. At the second say, try to connect in 3G and watchout! it will be 100 MB per day.


If you want voice explanation then please do call me at +917278973015


Simple Screen shots:- (From my doungle )




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