Aam Aadmi Party”s Statement on Arrest of Pawan Bansal”s Nephew for Receiving Bribe of 90 Lakhs

The arrest of Mr. Pawan Bansal”s nephew by the CBI for receiving a bribe of 90 lakhs from a member of Railway Board shows the rot that has set in the railway ministry. Mr Bansal”s statement that his nephew had taken this bribe without his knowledge or consent is uncredible and unbelievable. Mr Mahesh Kumar who was made a member by Bansal would not pay 90 lakhs to his nephew without being certain about his work (favorable appointment as per media report) getting done by Railway Minister Mr Bansal. Mr Bansal must immediately be sacked by Prime Minister and should be proactively investigated by the CBI. It is also essential that all recent posting at critical position in the railways and large contracts given by the railways during Mr Bansal”s tenure must be examined and investigated. Any delay in sacking Mr. Bansal would show the complicity of his political bosses in this corruption.

The tumbling out of skeletons and scams from the cupboard of this government and the continuous inaction of the Prime Minister on such matters including the non-investigation of charges against 15 cabinet ministers that we had issued in May last year reminds us of the story of Ali Baba and 40 thieves. The inaction of Prime Minister is making him increasingly looking like Ali Baba presiding over a cabinet of 40 scamsters.

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  1. shantaram chathe May 14, 2013 — 10:59 am

    aise logon ko chauk me fansi deni chahiye.
    aur dobara kiski himmat nahi honi chahiye curruption karne ki.

    fuck these all currupted people

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