A few worthy opponents for Undertaker at WM 30

According to Me here are the players who can face Undertaker for his streak @ WM 30:-


First of all its Wade Barrett. I know you guys are thinking WTF I am speaking 😛 but this is the fact guys. Look at his passion towards wrestling and he’s too intelligent. For your kind info, WB is a time WWE Champion and now he is 3 times Intercontinental Champion.


Second its Sting. His attitude and concept of make up is a little like Undertaker. He had a WCW Streak of 13-0 which is still now unbreakable. Both Taker and Sting are in an observation of retirement as Sting is of 54!!!!



And the Last is Ryback. On a recent WWE Magazine he pre-assured that at 30, he want to face Taker. I dont have any Idea.


Listen You guys!! Whoever plays with undertaker, no matter the God too but the Winner will be Taker”


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