Sarva-Dharma Prarthana would be organised tomorrow from 10am onwards

As Arvind Kejriwal”s upwas enters the 13th day today, the number of people who have pledged not to pay the inflated bijli-pani bills in Delhi has swelled to 9,60,603. The figure is expected to cross the 10 lakh figure by today night.

Tomorrow, i.e. April 5th, a sarva-dharma prarthna would be organized from 10am onwards in Sundar Nagri. Volunteers from all over Delhi would visit Sunder Nagri tomorrow for the prarthna.

From April 6th onwards, the second phase of Civil Disobedience movement would be launched. Volunteers and people would break the law to restore connections of households whose bijli-pani connections had been disconnected on non-payment of inflated bills. On April 6th, 1930, Gandhiji had broken the salt law in Dandi thereby indicating the downfall of the British Empire. During pre-independence period, due to heavy taxes, salt had become a commodity which the poor could not afford. Today, electricity and water have become out of reach for the common man, who is forced to take loans for paying the bills.

In the morning today, Arvind Kejriwal”s blood pressure was 111/73, pulse 64, sugar 131, ketones 3+ and weight was 56.5 kgs. Due to weakness, though he came out on the stage, but restrained from addressing the people gathered at Sunder Nagri.


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