Paani the hunk

Paani - Upcoming movie.jpg

The dishy hunk will be seen playing the main character in Kapur’s ambitious project

Hrithik Roshan has finally given his nod to Shekhar Kapur’s Paani. And the good news is that things are falling in place for the director. It seems he wrote the story of Paani 15 years ago. And since then, the makers have been struggling to get the film see the light of the day. From who will be the hero to finding a financer, the movie has been quite jinxed until Hrithik agreed to be a part of this futuristic flick and Aditya Chopra took up the responsibility of producing it.

The film will be made at a budget of $30 million. The concept is mind-blowing and we hope there are no loopholes in this creatively thought-out story. It’s about how water wars break out ‘coz of shortage of this precious resource, and how shrewd businessmen and international corporations cash in on this crisis situation. The film will also have a love story brewing up in the midst of hardships. We are waiting to see the Greek God (Hrithik Roshan) in this dhamakedaar role. Slated to go on floors by mid 2013, we are waiting for Roshan and Kapur to quench our thirst for some good cinema, and we hope they do that with Paani of course!


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